Head office

117, Hokandara North,
Colombo,Sri Lanka

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+94 112177974

Head office

117, Hokandara North, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Call us

+94 112177974

Our Products

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Superb quality of stable coco pith and chips

Sustainble and customer oriented coco substrates for professional horticulture sector across the world.



Numerous natural health benefits of our lifestyle products

Natural latex foam and coir matteres sheets are custermised to cater to the buyer’s specifications. 



Build your own home garden with our eco solutions

Eco product range adds colors to your home garden, inspire a fresh and new look and care of the environment.

We provide greener products of superior quality.

We provide high quality coir mattress and coco substrates of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come.

Global Footprint

Our global presence spans more than 15+ overseas destinations. As a company with a global vision, we encourage our stakeholders to generate value and achieve success in horticulture and supporting the global food system. Our customized products guarantee stability and consistent performance for the best results.
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Plants that are benefited from Coco Substrates

All plants that can be grown hydroponically or without soil will feel great in the coconut substrate. As an inert medium for growing, growers can accurately control the nutrition and pH that plants receive.

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