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Grow bags-finegreen-product

Grow Bags are the Perfect growing medium for plants that do not have deep roots such as Tomato, Cucumber, Strawberries, Chilies, and Cabbage etc. in horticulture industry. We produce Grow Bags to the accepted quality standardand customize diminutions and formulars. Grow bags are idealness option for Green House and direct farming and high air capacity sustention.

 Grow bags are manufactured with a mixture of coir peat, chips and coir fiber ratios changing from 80% to 50%. Different compositions according to specified formulars promote better route growth with good aeration which eventually generates better harvest. This prominent product comes as a compressed slab in a poly bag.

Grow bags-finegreen-product



Coco peat disks are fully bio-degradable and natural. This helps to keep the grith of the plant and trees without weeds while preserving humidity at the foot of the plant which does not obstruct the growth of the plant. These disks are ideal for seed raising to fully grown plants because of their air porosity and ability to hold water.

 Standard coco peat and husk chips or combination of both are used for making Coco Peat Disks. It is easy as just placing the disk inside the pot and adding the water.


Also known as the Coco Peat Pallets, Propagation Cubes or Coco Peat Coins. Coco Peat is filled in bio-degradable porous non-woven fabric tubes and compressed into small coin sized pallets.

 Coco Peat Seed Staters are specially designed for use in seeding trays aiding the germination process, seeding growth, and transplanting without affecting the yo ung, delicate root system. 100% compostable raw material is best used for propagation in plant nurseries and green houses.


Briquettes are small sized compressed coco pith mainly produced for home gardening, cropping and all horticulture an d hydroponic applications. Easy to use briquettes, when hydrated it expands up to ten times of its original volume.


5kg coco peat blocks are made by compressing coco peat or coco husk chips. These 5kg blocks are suitable for cultivation farms and green houses and vastlyused as potting soil or for soil less cultivations. When hydrated with water, it slowly reconstitutes to yield 60-75 liters.


Coco peat loosely compressed with high quality standards and consists of 50% moisture. It can be tailor made to suit growers’ requirements from 25kg wet peat bale to 1000kg wet peat bale. This jumbo bale which is the best substitute for peat moss is ideal for ground growers engage in tomato, cucumber, and strawberry. Low compression makes it easier to break the bale.


Coir weed mat are manufactured with needled punched technology using mattress fibre and natural latex. Weed control mats are the most effective way of controlling weeds and it does away from use of weedicides or herbicides and act against pathogenic agents in the soil and controls their expansion.100% biodegradable product and help keep moisture in the soil and stop soil erosion.

We guarantee our products

At Finegreen, quality is more than making a good product and we know that quality is the most important thing to our customers.
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Soilless Growing Media

Alternative to Peat Moss

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Rich in Nutrition

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High Cation Exchange Rate

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