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Head office

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Coir Twine is generally 2ply. Yarn is spun from hand and the twine is by
spinning machines. Made out of bristle fiber with inner cotton thread or PP thread. Thickness 5-6mm, 35- 42 twists per foot. Breaking strength from 75lbs – 120lbs.

 These twines are mainly used for HOP cultivation, Oyster industry , and crops in high trellis and gardening usage. Our hop twine exported to three major hop fields in USA, UK and Australia. Yield of hop is higher than its competitive products such as steel wire and paper twine.


Mix fibre and mattress fibre are compressed into bales and weight ranges from 100kg to 150kg.Mainly used in manufacturing of Spring Mattress , luxury car seats and erosion control blankets. Mattress fibre are filtered to remove dirt and other rubbish dried in the sunlight and packed into bales. the coir fibre are elastic enough to twist without breaking but it holds the curl as through permeant waved.


Coir fibre is twisted into coils using the “Ferrer Machine Twisted” technology. Which involves twisting, steaming, spinning the rope to give the fibre a tight curl. The fibre is then passed through an untwisted machine to give it a curledspiring-like feel. This product is then turned into sheets and used in spring mattress in the bedding industry and for car seats and cushion, to ensure maximum comfort level.

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