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117, Hokandara North,
Colombo,Sri Lanka

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+94 112177974

Head office

117, Hokandara North, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Call us

+94 112177974

About us

Finegreen International continually strives for excellence in every aspect of business

We take a deep drive into promoting planet-based products with a view of creating a greener world. At Finegreen, the initiatives we have undertaken for the communities in which we operate; our work to sustain the environment in which we all share; our commitment to all our stakeholders; the exceptional services we have instigated that is the backbone of our culture.

Finegreen International (Private) Limited, established in 2014, at present having fully fitted-out manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka providing employment opportunities over 100 Sri Lankans.

Our People

Our people are the foundation of Finegreen’s success.

Finegreen People bring values to life as we focus on improving the lives of the world’s consumers. Human resources and processes are nurtured and developed to make the difference. While our own value addition plays a key role in differentiating the distinct value offered by Finegreen.

Our Employees engage in value creation making work enjoyable and rewarding and we channel all our efforts towards making enjoyable and rewarding workplace in reality.

The alignment between our employees and the experience received by the employees together with a fair and equitable culture, has created a unique employer brand for Finegreen, which helps us attract good talent to the organization. At Finegreen, we strictly adhere to maintaining a good level of working conditions and the health and safety of our employees.


We work with organic, environmentally friendly materials such as coco fibre and peat, both have natural source and completely recyclable. We have taken important steps to integrate sustainability to our business processes. Testing and inspection of raw material at the supplier’s gate level, development of stronger and closer relationship with the raw material suppliers while enhancing their living conditions and provision of adequate training and developments ensure the longer-term supply of quality raw materials for our production. We ensure full traceability of raw materials while also helping small suppliers improve practices. Responsible sourcing is an integral part of ensuring a sustainable future for our business.

Research and development

 In 2018, we opened our innovation centre which houses our quality control and research department where different growing conditions are tested. We perform physical and extensive research such as analyzing air and water content performing pH and EC measurements

We guarantee our products

At Finegreen, quality is more than making a good product and we know that quality is the most important thing to our customers.

Best Raw Materials


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Competitive Prices

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Timely Delivery

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